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PMMA, an esthetic solution for temporary restorations.

It is a monolithic material perfect for temporizing a patient during a dental treatment, developed to be worked with CAD/CAM technology, after intraoral scanning or digitization of a case.

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Polymethyl Methacrylate or PMMA, is a material used as a solution for temporary restorations, it is biocompatible, highly resistant, which becomes an aesthetic solution for temporary restorations, its color is stable in the long term which generates very natural results, indicated as a temporary material in cases of rehabilitation on implants, single crowns or fixed prosthesis of great extension and dental inlays being a high- quality material and excellent resistance to abrasion.

Each restoration manufactured in PMMA is individually designed by means of specialized software, taking into account all the functional variables of the patient, followed by a manufacturing process in specialized equipment fully calibrated so that you can get a final product that meets all quality standards and both the dentist or specialist and the patient can get a product that translates into health, wellness and beauty of the smile.



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